"Culture of cancellations": the self-destruction of liberalism

For the second week in the Western media, including the most popular, raging storm around the theme of the so-called culture of the cancellation.

Publications and not a single, scored all: The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, CNN, The Times, The Guardian, BBC, Forbes. To continue the list can be very long.

Stone who moved the avalanche, was an open letter signed by a hundred well-known people — scientists, writers, public figures. For the Russian audience the most famous — the author of the "Harry Potter" by JK Rowling and chess player Garry Kasparov, but among the signers really brought together the colors of influential Western intellectuals. However, there is need to clarify — intellectuals of liberal persuasion.

For extremely fashionable in the West (and indigestible for the Russian language), the term "culture cancel" (cancel culture) lies the phenomenon of public condemnation for "offences" of a social nature, usually punishable by law, but not acceptable for the respective companies. Most often it is simply incorrect statements, offensive, hateful and the like. "Punishment" may take a variety of forms — from a good old-fashioned boycott to mass indignation in social networks.

As a rule, "culture of cancellations" is applicable to known and senior people. It is understood that in the course of the organized pressure of their reputation, social influence and even status are discarded, erased.

If you look technically, we are talking about existing in any country and is basically a very useful phenomenon of social control over the elites (be it politics, business or show business), so they do not off very much from reality, filled with a feeling of superiority, contempt for others and total impunity. Moreover, modern IT-technology has really provided for this purpose qualitatively new possibilities.

In recent years in Russia there was a lot of scandals, when public discontent due to the "careless" words and actions of senior officials cost the career. Six months ago, because of this lost his seat as much as a Governor, and before that was a scattering of smaller stories.

And suddenly the whole world has heard the cry of despair that accuses a "culture of cancellations" that in Western society "is increasingly prevalent censorship: intolerance to opposing views, the fashion for public disgrace and condemnation, as well as a tendency to dissolve the complex political issues in a moral blind confidence."

And the subsequent publications on the topic mostly agree that the problem exists and the situation is not very favorable. Increasingly, there are opinions that maybe would cost to opt out of the term "culture of cancellations" because he best represents the essence and purpose of the ongoing processes. Apparently, the implication is that if you change the name, like magic transformered and content.

In fact, in the latter lies the clue to what is happening.

In the long struggle for the triumph of the ideals of liberal political correctness, its adherents (including the authors) have turned a tool of social control into a weapon of political struggle, to monopolize it and putting themselves at the service of others — and thereby radically changing the essence of the matter, turning it into something qualitatively different.

In a normal situation and consensual sharp negative reaction in society are a few of the situation. Views of people are different, and it is very hard to hurt the dominant majority (e.g., as a few years ago was able Saratov eks-the official statement about "fuckin'...").

Otherwise, even the most sensitive issues in the majority of cases give rise to different points of view, which does not occur the phenomenon of powerful peer pressure. What can I say, we even drunk culprit accident received public support from some famous people. Only this is already possible to judge about the impressive level of tolerance for the opinions of others and freedom of speech in the Russian society.

In turn, the social and political life in the West in recent years, turned into a series of campaigns of mass harassment where there is always a reason to expose the carrier of the "wrong" views and public ostracism to break his career and life, "cancel" his over sexism, racism, misogyny, homophobia, and many other isms and phobias.

That's just Western liberals suddenly discovered how dangerous it is to feed a dragon — he can grow and eat benefactors. What is actually happening.

When JK Rowling most often mentioned in connection with this story, it is not only her fame. It has become the most recent and loudest example of the internal liberal — baiting for insufficient radicalism and ideological consistency of position on transgender its branded transform with all the ensuing consequences.

However, you can be confident that the current impasse "cancel" the liberal West and will not be found. There is ongoing discussion in the media is purely internal, closed at all the same leftist-liberal community character. And in the letter that started it all, open sounds's main message: we must be tolerant of each other because we have a common enemy — the global "forces of illiberalism" and personally Donald trump, who need to confront a United front.

Several centuries ago classical liberalism gave the world the modern idea of freedom, including creating the idea of freedom of speech and respect for the opinions of others as the foundations of democracy. In the twenty-first century liberalism has successfully turned into a totalitarian ideology fundamentally priemlemuyu alternatives and are ready to fight with opponents to the last.

So, he is doomed to continue to devour themselves in pursuit of any pluralism and destroying enemies, and more and more internal.