Chinese blogger called the dish, which the Russians are proud of

Feast in Russia can not do without pickles, which are very proud of the inhabitants of the country, writes the author of the Chinese portal Sina.

The blogger noted that salting increases the shelf life of the product, but also gives it a special taste.

According to him, "demanding food" Russians always offers guests to taste the pickle.

"They will certainly speak with pride: "You probably never in my life tasted such delicious pickles", — stated in the material.

As the author writes, almost all foreigners with admiration speak about this product.

"They are sour, and spicy, and very flavorful, and salty, and by themselves, crispy and tender, therefore, not only delicious and refreshing, but also nutrients in cucumbers so much better absorbed by the body," he explained.

The blogger said that love pickles and people in other countries. He drew attention to the South Korean appetizer, kimchi and German sweet and sour red sauerkraut.

The author of the publication reminded that the pickle can not only vegetables, but also meat, eggs and other products.