MP told me what should be the law about the opposition

Verkhovna Rada Deputy from the faction "servant of the people" Galina Tretyakov proposes a draft law on the opposition with the rules on how to run coalition.

"One of the most urgent problems today is the preparation of the law, it is made now in groups, say it's a law on the opposition. In fact, the Parliament demands changes not only in opposition but in coalition," she said in an interview with the online edition of hromadske.

Tretyakov noted that one of her suggestions in the working group on discussion of this draft law is to paint not only how the opposition can promote their ideas, but how does the coalition.

"It is often said that the coalition agreement is the reforms or policies that recorded in the coalition agreement. This is the essence of the agreement, but there is still a large part of the coalition agreement, which is called the "organizational part", and it can be translated into simple language: "we agree," that was adopted this political program," - said the Deputy.

According to her, this will help to develop cooperation between members and avoid fights and negative phenomena in the Parliament. Tretyakov called it "the largest parliamentary reform", which is not yet discharged.