The lawyer told about the main defendant in the case of child trafficking

Main accused in the case of child trafficking Konstantin Svitnev, in which they had taken into custody seven people, located in Prague, it was announced in the national search, told RIA Novosti attorney Igor Trunov.

"Konstantin Svitnev, a unique, lawyer at international level, he is one of the first in Russia people started to deal with the subject of surrogate motherhood. Indeed, he is now in Prague, because of the pandemic coronavirus to fly to Russia it is not possible, although it is ready to be here and to testify. Of course, the guilt he does not recognize, believes that in his actions there was no crime, he professionally worked in the field of surrogacy, was co-owner of the respective companies, was performing managerial functions of a child trafficking cannot be considered", - said the Agency interlocutor.

Trunov said that in the moment svitneva announced in the national search, the defense expects that the investigation can go to court with the petition for correspondence arrest of the lawyer, followed by the announcement in the international search.

In January in Odintsovo near Moscow, the commander in chief of the UK have been prosecuted for causing death by negligence and human trafficking. It turned out that in one of the apartments of the village of VNIISSOK found the body of a newborn from a surrogate mother. The examination established that the cause of infant death were sudden infant death syndrome newborn.

In the apartment, investigators found three more children born for sale. They were there until their biological parents are foreign nationals - were engaged in registration of all necessary for children documents, including for export abroad. Neonates were removed and placed in a children's hospital. Then the investigators initiated a series of tests, including companies involved in the surrogacy program and local bodies of internal Affairs and guardianship. The case is in the Central apparatus of the RF IC.

Charged with human trafficking in the case were arrested seven people, one defendant was sent under house arrest.