In the Leningrad region calculations "Armor" repulsed "the attack" cruise missiles

Calculations antiaircraft missile-gun complexes (zrpk) "Armour" in the context of declared sudden check of combat readiness of the Armed forces repelled a conditional attack cruise missiles in the Leningrad region, said on Sunday in a press-service of the Western military district.

"In the Leningrad region crews zrpk "Carapace" of the Leningrad Association air force and air defense conducted a training session on reflection of the air raids conventional small-size and low-altitude targets. On arrival in the area of performance training and combat tasks zrpk crews took the calculated position and began the task of covering the fixed objects from conventional cruise missile strikes," - said in the message.

In the main phase of the exercise calculations worked detection, capture and tracking of highly maneuverable targets at altitudes up to 10 kilometers. In addition, the calculations of "Shells" in the field replaced a damaged wheel on one of the machines, and worked loading cars at night.

Earlier, the Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu said that during a sudden inspection of the troops of the southern and Western military districts involved more than 149 thousand people, more than 26.8 thousand units, 414 of aircraft, 106 ships and support vessels. According to him, the audit envisages with the troops of the 56 exercises tactical level. Involved 35 sites and training fields, 17 sea of landfills in water areas of the Black and Caspian seas.

Sudden checks are the main form of verification activities and combat training of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation.