The number of infected by coronavirus in Japan exceeded 26 thousand

The number of diagnosed cases of infection with coronavirus infection in Japan has exceeded 26 thousand: Sunday COVID-19 was confirmed in 486 people, transmits television channel NHK.

The greatest number of new infections are in Tokyo 188 people. For the first time in the last four days it dropped below 200. Record in the Japanese capital was set last Friday, when the virus was detected 293 people.

Wednesday in connection with the increase in the number of infected government in Tokyo rose to the fourth - maximum - level threat of the spread of coronavirus, but the introduction of a new "emergency" out of the question.

In addition, Tokyo was excluded from aimed at reviving domestic tourism campaign, Go to travel, the launch of which is scheduled for July 22.

During the epidemic in Japan died 999 people with COVID-19. The status of 43 persons is estimated as heavy. Recovered 20 235 people.

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