Iran will reconsider a death sentence for the rioters 2019

A court in Iran will reconsider the death sentence to three participants of the riots of November 2019, told RIA Novosti lawyer of the accused Babak of Pagnia.

"Yes, today we were informed that (the verdict) will again be studied. The country's Supreme court has agreed to consider our appeal. Reduction of sentence is suspended," he said by telephone a lawyer.

Earlier official representative of the judiciary of the country gholamhosein Esmaeili announced the death sentence of three people in connection with the riots in November 2019.

The President of the United States Donald trump had earlier called to avoid the execution in Iran of the three rioters 2019, and social networks gained momentum campaign with an appeal not to execute three young men.

In Iran in mid-November have been protests over the government's decision to increase gasoline prices and to introduce quotas on it. Some were peaceful, some escalated into armed riots with property destruction, arsons of banks, as well as victims and victims among their members, and law enforcement. The US state Department claimed that the riots from the hands of the authorities killed more than a thousand people, but Tehran has rejected these assumptions, six months later, saying that during the riots have died more than 220 people.