In the Saratov region told about the state of people infected with coronavirus

The order of 83.5% of newly identified infected with coronavirus in the Saratov region sick with pneumonia since the beginning of the pandemic the total number of infected by this infection in the region increased to 8256, reported the regional operational headquarters for the fight against COVID-19.

"In the Saratov region was 97 laboratory-confirmed new cases of coronavirus Among cases of six contact persons, one arrived from a different area with symptoms of SARS, 90 - unidentified source of infection. The clinical course of the disease distribution among newly diagnosed following pneumonia - 81, with signs of SARS - seven, with asymptomatic - nine", - quotes the statement oberstab the Ministry of information and press of the region.

Clarifies that among the new cases is a child. Among the new cases, 67 registered in Saratov, and six in Balakovo, four - in Arsovska and Ekaterinovskaya, three in Engels, on two - in Atkarsk, Bazarno-Karabulakskiy, Krasnopartizanskiy, Novoburassky and Tatishchev, one in Balashovskiy, Dukhovnitskiy and Fedorovsky districts of the region.

The staff noted that the total number of infected COVID-19 in the field has increased to 8256 people, 4721 recovered, including 22 in the last day. Overall the region has done 228 992 laboratory studies into the coronavirus, of which 3.5 thousand in recent days.

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