In the Ministry of education spoke out against the KPI for teachers

You cannot "tie" KPI (key performance indicators) teachers to assess their work by how their graduates pass the Unified state examination, the Director of the Department of public policy and management in the sphere of General education of Ministry of education of the Russian Federation Yevgeny Semchenko.

"Teacher can't be wrong (that the graduate has not passed the exam in his subject - ed.). I once again draw the attention of the regional Ministers of education, municipal education departments, school Directors, that in no event it is impossible to evaluate the work of the municipality, school, class, specific teacher according to the results of the exam or other assessment procedures," said Semchenko on radio "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

He added that all 20 years of the exam, the Ministry is faced with the fact that schools try to rate according to the results of the exam. Semchenko also noted that the need to assess and to punish, but to identify the problems teachers and kids and try to eliminate them, to neutralize.

"Tie KPI, modern words, a poor teacher can not" - said Semchenko.

He also said that in order to objectively evaluate the effectiveness of teachers, Ministry of education is developing new criteria for the certification of teachers.