Assad and his wife voted in the elections to the people's Council of Syria

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his wife ASMA voted in the parliamentary elections at a polling station in the Ministry of presidential Affairs in Damascus, the press service of the presidential Palace.

Sunday at 8.00 in Syria opened 7331 polling station. 250 Deputy mandates are fighting more than 1.6 thousand candidates.

An important innovation in the third since the war began elections considered the democratization of the election of the candidates of the ruling Arab Baath socialist Party ("Baas"). This year, they were elected by conferences of regional branches, not the decision of the Central leadership of the party.

Under Syrian law, parliamentary elections are held only on the territory of Syria with the division of the districts where each is entitled to vote only at the place of permanent residence. An exception was made in all elections during the war in the country for the citizens, who fled from the territories seized by terrorists. For residents of the provinces of Idlib and raqqa, the authorities took additional boxes in their places of temporary residence. Syrian citizens residing outside the country, according to the legislation of the country will not be able to take part in the vote.