In the US, the protesters started a fire in the building of the police Union

American protesters in Portland broke into the house of the Association of police and opened fire, police said on Twitter.

According to police, the crowd gathered in the center of the city and erected barricades in front of the local Federal court. Several people set fire to trash cans. Later, several people managed to break into the building of the police Union and make a fire there.

The police later reported that the fire is extinguished. Law enforcement officers began to disperse the protesters and to the arrest.

Earlier, the attorney General of Oregon, where Portland, Ellen Rosenblum announced its intention to file a lawsuit against several Federal law enforcement agencies for their actions during the protests in Portland, where the riots have not stopped for a month and a half.

Mayor Ted Wheeler earlier demanded the withdrawal of Federal forces from Portland, who arrived in town on the eve of independence Day on 4 July. Since then, they have provided protection to the Federal courthouse and helped the local police to disperse the protests.

According to the channel OPB, the last days of the Federal law enforcement officers patrol the city in unmarked cars and have been detained without explanation. As of Friday, the Federal prosecution in connection with the riots were brought against 13 suspects.

In late may - early June in U.S. cities have been mass protests and unrest after an African-American George Floyd died during the arrest of a white policeman. Local demonstrations continue until now.