Media: TikTok broke off negotiations on the establishment of the headquarters in Britain

The owner of a Chinese social network TikTok ByteDance the company broke off negotiations on the opening of the headquarters in the UK and the establishment there of three thousand jobs on the backdrop of deteriorating relations between London and Beijing, according to British newspaper the Sunday Times.

The owner of a Chinese social network, according to sources, several months negotiating with the British government. The decision to suspend the dialogue was made on the background "in a broader geopolitical context" and growing tension between States.

Among the reasons for this decision also indicates the ban on UK 5G buy equipment from China's Huawei and the situation with the law on national security of Hong Kong.

It is noted that in the case of improvement of relations between the West and China, the company may resume plans to open headquarters in the UK, but a decision in the near future is not expected. The most likely place of establishment of new headquarters TikTok is considered to be London.

TikTok is the app for creating and viewing a short video, owned by Chinese company ByteDance. Released in 2018, it is the leader in the segment of applications for short videos in China and is gaining popularity around the world.