The dog was named the most popular nicknames for dogs

The Russian cynological Federation (RKF) told RIA Novosti, as often the Russians call their dogs: first place is nicknamed Oscar, is a traditional Soviet Fido and Friend leave in the past.

According to RKF, the most popular nickname on the basis of data collected during the year, was nicknamed Oscar. In second place Jasmine, third place ranking is Olivia.

Next are: Valencia, Jacqueline, Zeus, Isabelle, Elisha, Eva, and closes the "top ten" of gold.

"It can be noted a surprising stability in the top positions of the ranking: in the last five years one of the top ten remains virtually unchanged. For the first place with varying degrees of success competing Oscar, Jasmine and Olivia. Last year, the nickname Oscar took the third position in the first place by popularity was then nicknamed Jasmine. In 2019 in the top 10 included the name of Caesar, this year he was replaced by Valencia nickname", — told in the dog Federation.

The rating is based on data from a single pedigree books RKF, which annually registers about 320 thousand puppies.

As told by the handlers, stable popular names of Greek gods: Zeus, Athena, and Aphrodite.

There are names given in honor of luxury cars: 2015 554 was a dog named Lexus, Mercedes 267 and 263 Bentley.

It is noted that the names that were popular in the Soviet era, now are not in demand. Over the past five years was just ten Friends, four Kashtanka, three Dinghy and 18 Polkanov.