The analyst explained why the EU does not want to sacrifice the "Northern stream — 2"

The EU does not want to sacrifice the Russian project "Northern stream — 2" as an alternative in the form of LNG to the us will eventually make European products less in demand in the world market, said RT senior researcher at the Center for European studies, IMEMO RAS Vladimir olenchenko.

According to him, in this matter there is a clear clash of interests between Brussels and Washington. The EU, the analyst, expects to diversify the import of natural gas, and the United States, on the contrary, want to become the main supplier of energy resources to Europe.

"Russian gas at a reasonable price for Europeans is the competitiveness of their products. If the cost of natural gas will rise, then prices will go up on goods that are exported to the EU. And then the American products may be cheaper, and therefore European in demand on the world market.