EU leaders must come to agreement on Sunday, said Conte

The Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte said that EU leaders, leading the protracted negotiations at a summit in Brussels have to reach agreement on Sunday, as their migration is not beneficial to anyone.

Earlier it was reported that the EU leaders broke off negotiations on the creation of the anti-crisis Fund of the EU to support the economy, seriously affected by the fight against the spread of coronavirus, and formation of a multi-year EU budget, further discussion is expected on Sunday.

According to him, extremely difficult project budget associated with the recovery Fund, which makes it necessary to go beyond their positions: either all will win or all will be losers.

The Prime Minister said that the "so tough" negotiations, "there comes a time when the question arises that we do not know about the problems that we face, the doubt that someone loses sight of this goal."

Heads of state trying to negotiate the creation of a new temporary anti-crisis Fund of the EU. Earlier, the European Commission suggested that it amounted to 750 billion euros, which it would have occupied in the market. The funds were supposed to allocate in the form of loans and grants, and their relationship was one of the stumbling blocks in the discussion.

In addition, the summit must make a decision on the financial plan of the EU on the basis of which compiled annual budgets of the Union, 2021-2027 years. This time, the financial plan proposes to link the anti-crisis Fund, as to attract market funds the EC has proposed to adjust certain indicators of the budget and to allocate funds crisis Fund via the budget program.