Media: Israel detained protesters

Israeli police began to arrest during mass anti-government demonstrations after the participants had used against law enforcement officers with pepper spray, and hit them with various objects, according to the publication Times of Israel.

Earlier it became known about the beginning of anti-government demonstrations in Jerusalem and Central tel Aviv on Saturday evening. The protesters blocked the road and demanded the resignation of the Prime Minister.

It is noted that for dispersal of demonstrators the police used water cannons.

Sunday in the district court of Jerusalem scheduled a second technical trial of the accusations against the current Prime Minister. The participation of the Prime Minister in the meeting is not provided. In the "case of 4000" on lobbying the country's largest telecommunications group "Bezeq" in exchange for a positive attitude towards Netanyahu is controlled by the company's popular Internet news site "Walla!" the Prime Minister is charged with receiving a bribe. Allegations of fraud and deception of public trust charges against Netanyahu for "2000" and "1000".