Fadeev has apologized for the clip with Valeria

Music producer Maxim Fadeev apologized to podistica instagram for the clip with the singer Valeria.

The producer announced the completion of filming the video with Emin for the song "MMM". Some instagram users left negative comments to this post, and attracted the most attention Fadeeva.

"While only falling one — UPS no," said @ilnurulamanov.

"Most importantly, you fly high! We entered from the side will hesitate!" — diplomatically responded the producer."

"With Valeria so-so," wrote @an.na.

"Well... tastes do not deny that! Someone who likes an Apple, and someone pork hryaschik! I'm sorry that objectionable! We tried!" — wrote Fadeev in response.

The producer was supported by other members who condemned the disappointed woman.

"Sorry, but you have a hearing problem" — appealed to disgruntled @marat_narmatov.

"And I'm in awe," said @elenaloviaginaelena.

"Valeria's a great song, very strong," added @serj.mooteen.

The clip Valeria Fadeeva and for the song "To the limit" posted on YouTube on April 19. For three months the video had been viewed more than 7.4 million users.

Earlier Fadeev dismissed his brand of MALFA and stated that it will start to work with foreign artists.