Conte has declared an impasse in the negotiations on the EU exit from the crisis

Negotiations at the EU summit in Brussels are more complicated than anticipated, the situation was a stalemate, Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte.

The EU leaders on the second day of the summit in Brussels trying to find a common way out of the impasse in which they were before at the end of several rounds of negotiations and bilateral consultations on the package of European economic recovery after the crisis due to the coronavirus. Ahead of the summit the head of the European Council Charles Michel has published its proposals for recovery Fund and the multi-year budget plan of the EU, which should be agreed upon in one package. We are talking about a recovery plan of € 750 billion, 500 billion of which will be issued in the form of grants, and $ 250 in loans. All the Fund needs to be developed to 2026. Also at the summit discussed the financial plan of the EU 2021-2027 years 1,074 trillion euros.

"Parties in the discussion much, and it makes the process very complex. At stake are many issues on which we seek common ground. These tools should be commensurate with experience us. No one needs to argue ineffective means you need a firm and strong collective response," said Conte in the course of inclusion in the social network Facebook from Brussels.

According to him, negotiations had proved "more difficult than we anticipated", the parties were in a stalemate. "Many of the issues we cannot resolve," said the Prime Minister of Italy.

He stressed that the Italian delegation is a hard dialogue with the Netherlands and other "moderate" countries to which the European Finance considered Denmark, Sweden and Austria.

"They do not share the need for a significant response, especially in respect of grants and loans. We try to involve everyone to understand that this benefits not only Italy and other most affected countries, but also all of Europe," said Conte.

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