The number of victims of the gas explosion in Kabardino-Balkaria increased up to five

The number of victims of the gas explosion in an apartment in the Baksan district of Kabardino-Balkaria has grown to five people, according to the regional Ministry of health.

On Saturday morning in the apartment on the first floor of the house on Liberty street in the city of Baksan, an outbreak of gas-air mixture. It was reported that injured four people, including two children. The square arose in the apartment of the fire was 200 square meters, it was extinguished at 7.10 GMT. According to the regional Ministry of health, the affected children are in serious condition, they can carry the treatment in Federal burn center in Nizhny Novgorod. It was noted that the KBR Prosecutor's office and investigators into the incident have organized check.

"The burns were got by five people: a man, two women, a boy born in 2013 and girl of the year 2015 birth", - stated in the message in the account of the Ministry of health on the social network Instagram.

It is noted that the girl's condition with burns to 10% of the body surface is stable. The boy received serious burns on 55% of the body surface, is in a state of shock, it is connected to the ventilator. "The man who received burns to 70% of the body surface, and the woman born in 1993 who received burns to 40% of the body surface, are in a state of shock in reanimation of TSRB of Baksan and them can't be moved. A man connected to the ventilator," - says the Ministry of health.

According to him, a woman born in 1963 with burns of 20% of the body surface is in intensive care Republican clinical hospital, her condition is stable.

"All necessary medical care is provided to victims in full. An agreement was reached on the transfer of patients with the most extensive lesions of the body surface in a burn center after the condition is stabilized", - notes the Ministry of health.