The defense Ministry rejected the connection between the inspection of troops and the conflict in the Caucasus

Deputy defense Minister Colonel-General Alexander Fomin has categorically rejected the link between the activities of Armed forces exercises for combat training and the deteriorating situation on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border.

"These verification activities are carried out routinely and represent an important stage of preparation for SKSU "Caucasus – 2020" - are his words in the message of the Ministry of defense.

Fomin noted that troops are in the highest degree of combat readiness and are preparing to meet combat training objectives.

On the eve of the defense Ministry told about the plans to evaluate the ability of the southern and Western military districts to ensure the safety of the country and their level of preparation for the exercises "Caucasus-2020" on behalf of President Vladimir Putin. In addition, will verify the individual connections under the Central government, as well as airborne and naval infantry of the Northern and Pacific fleets.

As noted by defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, the events will be attended by more than 149 thousand soldiers and officers and about 27 thousand units of military equipment.

Sudden checks are the main form of verification activities and combat training of the Armed forces. The Ministry of defence has renewed this practice in 2013. In early 2016, Putin noted that such tests are proven, they allow you to consistently increase the combat readiness of the army and Navy, the coherence of the units.

At the end of last week worsened the situation on the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan, the Baku and Yerevan accuse each other of attacks. Clashes took place in several hundreds of kilometers away from Nagorno-Karabakh, but in most of the unrecognized Republic, the situation remained calm.

Azerbaijan and Armenia blame for the attacks on each other. The international community calls upon the parties to the dialogue. The Russian foreign Ministry said it was ready to assist Baku and Yerevan support to stabilize the situation.

On the eve of Putin has discussed the situation with the permanent members of the security Council.

According to the press-Secretary of President Dmitry Peskov, the meeting expressed extreme concern at the continuing escalation.