Sobyanin praised the preparations for the transfer of learning in online

Moscow compared to other regions was one of the most prepared for transfer learning in the online format, said Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin in his interview to "Komsomolskaya Pravda", published on the website.

"In a situation with coronavirus we had one week to reformat and translate all Moscow education online. It is clear that the ideal situation of the week, we could not achieve. But in comparison with other regions and even countries Moscow was one of the most prepared," - said Sobyanin.

He noted that Moscow has well equipped schools, all teachers, according to the mayor, there are laptops.

"Muscovites have one of the best high-speed Internet among the cities of the worlds, the most accessible and one of the most high-speed. Security the city is very high and the technological platform is very good. All of this allowed, I hope, in some degree to fill this gap in full time education. Let's see what happens with the exam performance. I hope that they will be quite comparable. Moreover, it not only results in 2-3 months and 11 years of age, boys went to school. I don't think a pandemic radically affect their knowledge, performance, choice of profession, the universities," - said Sobyanin.

He noted that life now moves to what is necessary to develop online education.

"We do it with Yandex and Sberbank, which develops its system with other commercial systems. You just do not zakuklitsya in its budget system, to see all that on the educational field of the country and the world is going to move forward and be competitive," - said Sobyanin.

Speaking about the impact of the pandemic on the exam, the mayor said it is unlikely it will change for the better.

"I would hope that the worst is not affected. She has touched everyone. The exam is a competitive exam. The points you score during the exam, competing with other students from other schools and other regions of the country. Even competitive city, and the graduates of our schools are competing with the best students of the country. I hope that they will remain competitive," - said Sobyanin.

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