The UN has offered to conclude a new social contract on the background of the pandemic

UN chief Antonio Guterres proposed to conclude a new social contract, to build a more equitable world, against the background of the pandemic coronavirus.

The Secretary-General on Saturday via video link delivers a lecture in memory of the fighter against the apartheid regime in South Africa Nelson Mandela, born July 18, 1918.

"The response to the pandemic and prior to widespread dissatisfaction must be based on new social contract and a new global Treaty that create equal opportunities for all and ensure respect for the rights and freedoms of everyone," he said.

According to him, the new social contract within society will enable young people to live in decent conditions, will provide women the same opportunities as men, protect the sick, vulnerable and minorities.

"Education and digital technology needs to be two powerful factors, the opening and equalizing opportunities. Governments should give priority to equal access, from early learning to lifelong education," he said.

As noted Guterres, to provide a quality education for all, is needed by 2030 to more than double spending on education in low and middle income, reaching $ 3 trillion a year.

According to him, the regulation of the labour market, combined with constructive dialogue between employers and workers can contribute to improved pay and working conditions.

According to the UN Secretary General, the global politico-economic system provides vital global public goods such as public health, action against climate change, sustainable development, peace.

According to him, the new model of global governance must be based on a comprehensive, inclusive and equitable participation in global institutions.

"Otherwise we will face even greater inequality and lack of solidarity, such as those that we see during today's fragmented global response to the pandemic COVID-19", - he concluded.

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