The US is preparing a coup after the election

Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton jointly introduced American audiences likely explanation for the possible defeat of the Democratic candidate in the upcoming US presidential election. Probably, in case of victory of Donald trump in the elections it will be used as a pretext or for impeachment, or (more likely) for refusal of the recognition of the election results and the organization to seize power by force. Joe Biden, citing data from us intelligence — said that "the Russians try to delegitimize our electoral process."

However, as the defendants in the crimes allegedly committed against the will of American democracy, are not only we. Joe Biden, again with reference to information of the American intelligence services that it receives, said that "China and others are also involved in the action that we have lost confidence in the results (of the elections. — Approx. ed.)".

It should be noted that this stuffing can be made not only on a winning trump, but also in preparation for the massive and unprecedented electoral fraud in favor of Biden. If trump does not recognize the official results, and his team are caught in the hand of counterfeiters, will point to ballot box stuffing and massive falsification of votes cast by mail, at the headquarters Biden will be ready to answer all charges. The answer will be that all proven fraud, it's just provocations made by Russians (and China and some "other" forces), intended to discredit the election results with the goal to achieve a civil war in the United States or retain the current President in power.

It's pretty humiliating for a country that considers itself a world hegemon, but it is very likely that the election result will be determined or literally on the battlefield, or in the administrative struggle for control of Federal postal service of the United States. The fact that the headquarters of the Biden under the pretext of the epidemic requires that the elections were held, by and large, "distant", that is, the use of the postal vote, but trump argues that postal voting will be used to fake results.

It may seem incredible, but now even the official statements of the candidates and expert analysis in the media such as the Associated Press, the question of who will control the mail on election day and whether trump to deprive the postal service of budget financing, to disrupt the "remote voting" is discussed as perhaps the key campaign issue. And the Democratic candidate says in plain text that the possibility of breakdown of voting by mail deprives him of sleep. We can assume that if the White house does manage to disrupt the massive use of (or stuffing) "postal ballot", then the blame will be again a mysterious "Russian", which Biden supposedly read in the reports of the CIA or the FBI.

Can arise a natural question: where did the ex-Vice President of the United States access to top secret us intelligence data? The Washington distribution system of classified information involves quite a strange scheme, in which the candidates of both party system begin receiving briefings this kind of ahead of the elections. The problem is that from a formal point of view, Biden (and this is noted by the American media) is not yet an official candidate from the Democratic party, so that if the security services really poured him some information, it is quite possible that these materials it receives in violation of the law. However, amid the General chaos and violation of all possible norms of decency in American political life that hardly anyone will care. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see the official response of the CIA and the FBI, which inevitably will face the need to explain to the press and society, not to mention the election headquarters of the trump. And will be doubly interesting to see what happens in the case that the representatives of the American intelligence community will be announced (under pressure from the White house) that Biden is just lying. This, of course, unlikely, but possible scenario.

Even before Biden made stuffing "of information from the intelligence" about the next "Russian conspiracy", Hillary Clinton spoke on American television with the statement that trump may refuse to recognize the election results and refuse to voluntarily leave the White house. She also called upon to prepare for this scenario beforehand, although he did not specify what exactly she means by this training.

However, given the wide training experience of bloody coups disguised as "the people's will on the street", we can safely assume that we are talking about the forcible removal of political opponents and their family members and ordinary supporters of the Republican party who do not want to accept the usurpation of power by the Clinton team. This evaluation may seem extreme, but given the fact that the Democratic party used all the powers of his media machine to develop their own supporters maximum hatred, not only to Russians but also to the supporters of Donald trump, which Clinton herself publicly humiliated during the election campaign, "the Ukrainian scenario" may be realized not in Kiev, but in Washington.

The command "unknown snipers" to create a "democratic heavenly hundred" American film Directors of the color revolutions will find no problems, and the discourse about "stolen the people's choice" prepared in advance. Also pre defined image of an external enemy, and in any case, he outlined as broadly as possible: the charges already leveled against the Russians and China. In the political sense, we can say that the wall of the stage of the theater of American politics have already hanged not one gun but a whole Arsenal, ready, most likely, to shoot in the final act of the election drama, which may turn into a real bloody tragedy.