In Chicago, about 18 police officers were injured while protecting the Columbus monument

About eighteen police officers were injured in the us in Chicago, protecting the monument to the Navigator Christopher Columbus (1451-1506) from protesting against racism, told the local edition of the Chicago Sun-Times, citing law enforcement authorities.

According to the newspaper, the incident occurred on Friday evening. A large group of people gathered in Grant Park, where is a monument, about 16.20 local time. According to the publication, at some point, the protesters held onto the ends of the rope draped over the statue.

According to the media, the protesters threw in the detention order different items, they in turn used against the protesters with batons. Demonstrators managed to push the statue to 20.30 local time. It is reported that some of the injured was hospitalized, police detained at least 12 people.

Although the monument is still in place, the protesters left of the inscription on it. The statue appeared slogans such as Black Lives Matter, and called for "decolonization" of Chicago.

Wave attempts of demolition and desecration of monuments to historical figures involved in colonization, came from USA, in several States began a spontaneous demolition of monuments to southern Civil war against the backdrop of protests after the death of the African-American George Floyd at the hands of the police. It also touched upon the statues of the discoverer of America Christopher Columbus, whose left-wing activists accused of genocide of the indigenous population of America.