Great organ of the Cathedral in the French city completely burned

The largest organ of the XVII century in the Cathedral of saints Peter and Paul in the French city Nantes, where the fire occurred, was completely destroyed, said the head of the firefighting and rescue service of the Department of the Loire-Atlantique Laurent Perla.

He noted that the fire was contained within three hours, but not yet fully extinguished. According to him, the fire will stay in place all day.

Perle confirmed that the Cathedral had three fires. Earlier the Prosecutor's office of Nantes announced the launch of the investigation on suspicion of intentional arson of the Cathedral.

In the second half of the day in Nantes will arrive the Prime Minister, the interior Minister and the Minister of culture of France.

The Cathedral of saints Peter and Paul in Nantes, the construction of which began in the XV century and lasted 457 years is one of the largest Gothic churches in France. Tallest Cathedral in Nantes, six meters below the Eiffel tower.