In Indonesia, more than 14 thousand people have fled home because of the floods

More than 14 thousand people were forced to leave their homes due to flash floods and landslides in the Indonesian province of South Sulawesi, the number of missing had risen to 67, reports Xinhua news Agency citing local authorities.

Earlier it was reported that the floods and landslides in the province killed at least 36 people.

The Agency reports, citing the head of the Indonesian national Agency for disaster management, Dhoni It that because the accident injured 51 people, 14 388 inhabitants of the province "took shelter in safer places".

According to the representative of the local rescue services Zaenal Assad, rescuers have directed efforts to help the residents of the city of Masamba and other most affected communities. In operation take part 359 of the rescuers were involved in heavy machinery.

It is noted that flash flooding hit the road, nine bridges, nine and 13 religious school buildings, eight office buildings, two public houses and a market. People whose homes were destroyed will be compensated.