The Prosecutor pointed to possible criminal trail of fire in Nantes

The Prosecutor of the French city of Nantes Saint Pierre, where on Saturday lit up the Cathedral of saints Peter and Paul, said that it could be a deliberate arson, said the radio station France Bleu.

Previously the Director of the firefighting and rescue service of the Department of the Loire-Atlantique Laurent Perla reported that the fire in the Cathedral in the city of Nantes in Western France, is localized. There were 104 fire and 45 cars.

The radio station indicates that the fire chief of the Department noted that in the Cathedral there were three seats of fire.

It is noted that it was open judicial inquiry. In this channel, BFMTV emphasizes that the Prosecutor's office of Nantes opened a case of arson, the investigation conducted by the judicial police.

It is noted that it was open judicial inquiry.

The fire in the Cathedral took place on Saturday morning.

The Cathedral of saints Peter and Paul in Nantes, the construction of which began in the XV century and lasted 457 years, is one of the largest Gothic churches in France. In height it is six meters below the Eiffel tower.