Some participants of the illegal rally in Khabarovsk became ill

Some residents of the unauthorized rally in support of arrested Governor of Khabarovsk territory Sergey Furgala Saturday was bad due to 30 degree heat, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

Unsanctioned rally in support of arrested on suspicion of murder in the 2000s, Furgala began in Khabarovsk last Saturday, despite the ban on mass events in the region due to pandemic coronavirus. The presidential envoy to FEFD Yuri Trutnev noted that the detention Furgala – event hard enough non-trivial, so "there is some kind of reaction". He stressed that the police would never detain the incumbent Governor, if they did not have absolute justification.

On Friday, the government of the Khabarovsk region asked the residents of the region on the background of the growing number of cases of coronavirus to refrain from unsanctioned rallies. The mayor of Khabarovsk Sergey Kravchuk also appealed to the citizens, noting that the health of the participants uncoordinated action threatened. Authorities are considering the possibility of a return to restrictive measures because of COVID-19. According to the statistics of the operational headquarters among the regions of Russia only in Khabarovsk territory there is a trend of constant increase in morbidity. At the hospital building at Lenin square in Khabarovsk on the eve there was a poster of "I/We request silence", signed by doctors and patients.

In Khabarovsk on Saturday afternoon, on the eighth day of meetings, it was above 30 degrees Celsius. Participants of the unsanctioned rally was released on the roadway of the Central streets of the city. Despite the fact that there is repair and working machinery, they were prepared to paving the road. The convoy was escorted by the police, law enforcement officers have also been exposed in the course of movement.

The rally was held on the square under the scorching sun for about 2 hours. People handing out free water, were on duty near two ambulances. A few people felt ill because of the heat, they took up the medics.

Two hours later, the protesters made another round through the city streets and went back to the square.

Furgala was detained July 9, employees SK and FSB, he is charged with involvement in the activities of local criminal gangs and the killings in 2000-ies. Immediately after the detention of the head of region has sent to Moscow. On Friday, Moscow's Basmanny court arrested him for two months, contains Furgal in the SIZO "Lefortovo", pleads not guilty.