Spanish doctors have identified the earliest symptom COVID-19

A group of Spanish scientists have found a new symptom coronavirus, reported in an article published in the journal JAMA Dermatology.

Specialists found in 29 percent of observed patients, enanthema in the oral cavity — severe rash on the mucous membrane.

In total, the study involved 21 patients aged 40 to 69 years. When this rash appeared about two days before other symptoms COVID-19.

Scientists can not yet say how widespread this symptom among all patients. This is largely complicated by the safety regulations, which creates complexity when inspecting the oral cavity of patients.

Scientists around the world constantly specify symptoms COVID-19 and find out all the new aspects of the disease. Thus, French doctors have identified a characteristic that can be detected in patients with complications of coronavirus. The results of this study published in the journal Science.

Experts have studied 50 patients who COVID-19 was accompanied by various symptoms: from mild cough to respiratory failure, due to which they fell on a ventilator. Analyzing the biomaterials, the researchers found that all patients with severe COVID-19 unites the shortage of interferon and increased inflammation.

In particular, the heavy patients there was a lack of interferon type I, secreted by the body to fight the virus. Its production slows down the progression of coronavirus infection.

Thus, concluded the doctors, interferon plays a crucial role in healing the sick.

In Russia, doctors are faced with unusual for coronavirus infection — two patients admitted to hospitals Federal medical-biological Agency, was observed serous peritonitis.

In the process of treatment COVID-19 patients there was a negative trend in the form of acute abdomen and fever. Diagnostic laparoscopy revealed the presence of fluid in the abdominal cavity.

Probably this inflammation may occur due to systemic response to viral infection, suggested in the FMBA.

American doctors discovered another symptom COVID-19, which is called the "coronavirus fingers". They describe it as a defeat toes that turn blue or purple. As noted by the infectious diseases specialist from the University of Pennsylvania Ebbing of Lautenbach, the spots are usually accompanied by burning and painful sensations when touched.

According to scientists, is a manifestation of the infection is found as in critically ill patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome, and in young patients with asymptomatic course of the disease, including in children. When this symptom appears in the early stages of the disease when the test can give a negative result.

Lautenbach believes that the blue discoloration of fingers can be either a local inflammatory response to infection or manifestation of thrombosis. The head of emergency services at the hospital of Massachusetts Susan Wilcox notes that similar symptoms occur in patients with severe form of influenza or viral pneumonia.

According to the description on the website of the Russian Ministry of health, the major symptoms of coronavirus infection is high fever, shortness of breath, sneezing, cough and nasal congestion, pain in muscles and in the chest, headache, and weakness, possible nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. In the elderly the symptoms can be delusions, pressure drop and tachycardia.

Many physicians noted that one of the first symptoms of the coronavirus is the loss of smell and taste. According to American scientists, experiments on mice helped to find out that the infection penetrates into the organism with the help of proteins that contribute to the recognition of odors. They are produced in the nasal cavity, and in old individuals of such proteins is formed more than the young.

If this mechanism is true for people, then this study including demonstrates why older people are more susceptible to infection by coronavirus, the researchers note.

Pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19 covered almost the whole world. According to the latest who data, there are 13.6 million infected, 585 thousand of them died.

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