Tour operators called the timing of the recovery of the industry

Without serious help from the state tourism industry in the new conditions, strict safety requirements associated with the potential spread of the coronavirus, will be able to return to pre-crisis level not earlier than the end of 2021 mid — 2022, said the Executive Director of the Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR) Maya Lomidze on the online forum "Russia: Tourism in 2020."

"Certainly, domestic tourism has received a great advantage in that all foreign States are closed, and the opening date is unclear. In this situation, we have our Motherland and strict requirements of Rospotrebnadzor for accommodation facilities and tour services, which are the main products of the regions. For museums and other cultural institutions, they also act. So we are in a situation where we have, on the one hand, new opportunities, and on the other new restrictions," — said the head of ATOR.

She noted that while not all objects industry is able to meet the requirements of CPS due to the lack of funding and other reasons.

"The attitude of the tourists is divided into three categories. About 40 percent ready to go anywhere in the country and are not concerned with the safety issue. Many Russians want to go on vacation, but worried about their health and disinfection for travelers. Another 20 percent is quite well — off tourists who want to get a considerable fee for the relevant service and security measures. So all the most expensive items sold out before the end of August," — said Lomidze.

The representative of the tourist industry was reminded that the ATOR in cooperation with the Federal Agency for tourism is taking steps to stabilize the situation, to bring peace to the souls of travellers who matter know where they go, whether they will provide social distance, disinfected hotels and so on.

Speaking about the timing of the recovery of the tourism industry, she noted that without substantial state aid it will happen soon.

"The industry will recover slowly, especially if the support measures from the state will be the same minuscule and cosmetic. Under current conditions the state of the industry in the pre-crisis period can go back no earlier than the end of 2021 mid — 2022. Industry trying to get by on what now you can earn that is through internal tourism", — commented on the situation Lomidze.