Joseph Prigogine said about threats of violence

Producer Joseph Prigogine said about the death threats in his address from the representatives of the company, taking an apartment from his first wife.

In the apartment, it is reported, lived also the daughter of a former mother-in-law / producer and the son to whom he left it's housing in the divorce with his wife.

"The people I met about the situation with the apartment and negotiated, threatened me with death, they say, they have a connection in MIA. Said that if I got in this story, they would deal with me. That's all. I have a feeling that we're back in 90-e years" — said Prigogine in an interview WomanHit.ru.

The producer added that the apartment has not yet been taken, but even if it takes, he will take measures for its return.

Earlier, in an interview with the channel REN TV Prigogine expressed surprise as ex-wife could lose the property in Moscow in one hundred million. He also promised to help the ex-wife, but reminded that it is the responsibility of her new husband.