Media: the White house has removed from Grand portraits of Clinton and Bush Jr.

The official portraits of former presidents of the United States bill Clinton and George W. Bush was removed from the Grand foyer of the White house during last week and replaced them with portraits of the two Republican presidents who ruled the country for more than a century ago, informs television channel CNN.

According to the traditions of the White house, portraits of the most recent American presidents must be prominently displayed at the entrance to the building and visible to guests during formal events.

The portraits of Clinton and Bush Jr. moved into the old Family dining room, a small room, where you rarely use and which they don't see the majority of visitors.

In place of the portrait of the Bush hung a portrait of 25th U.S. President William McKinley, Jr., and the portrait of Clinton was replaced by his successor, Theodore Roosevelt.

In his book, former national security adviser John Bolton wrote that trump "despises" Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. Also, according to some claims, trump criticized bill Clinton and expressed the opinion that he was a bad President.