Twitter can be fined for hacking, according to media

The Federal trade Commission (FTC), the United States will study violated Twitter 2010 agreement, the company can be fined a large amount by US regulators after hacking a series of accounts of famous persons, informs Agency Bloomberg.

Previously unknown broke into the accounts of several U.S. celebrities. Among the victims of the burglary were former Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden, former President Barack Obama, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk, billionaires bill gates, Michael Bloomberg and Warren Buffett, the head of Amazon Jeff Bezos, rapper Kanye West, Apple, Uber and others. The authors in the hacked accounts, promised to return sent to them within 30 minutes bitcoins in doubling the size.

According to the Agency, the FTC intends to perform, or violated the company agreement of 2010. Was then resolved issues related to allegations that the company failed to protect user data during the burglary in 2009. At the time, the attackers managed to hack a number of accounts. False messages were including placed on the page of Barack Obama, who was at that time elected President.

Under the agreement, the company had to use the services of an independent auditor to assess its measures to ensure security every two years for 10 years, and specify the employee responsible for information security, perform a risk assessment and testing of security measures.

According to David Vladeck, who in 2010 was the Director of the Bureau of consumer protection at the FTC, the Commission may open a new investigation or to file a complaint against Twitter for violating the provisions of the current agreement.

The agreement with the FTC last 20 years, which gives the Commission the possibility to check carefully whether Twitter had violated the agreement by entering to mislead users about privacy. From the FTC no authority to penalize the company for the introduction of consumer confusion, except cases when the company is already subject to an existing settlement.