Finnish producers will be left without local berries

Manufacturers of products using the Finnish blueberries, will face its deficit, as wild berries in Finland this year no one there to help, told RIA Novosti senior researcher, Center for natural resources in Finland (Luke) Rainer off.

Usually a collection of wild forest berries for the industry in Finland did the citizens of Thailand, but this year the authorities did not allow them to go to work.

He noted that residents of Finland are enthusiastically respond to the call of the authorities to collect blueberries, but they do it for their own purposes.

"Part of our product manufacturers, such as Valio, Fazer, or preferred to use local blueberries, but this year they will have to buy it in Ukraine or in Belarus", - said the expert.

According to the national trade Association of natural products (wild berries, mushrooms and herbs) Arctic Aromas Association, in 2019 Finland exported more than 11 million kilograms of wild berries in frozen form, the value of exports amounted to 23.9 million euros. The volume of exports has doubled over the past 10 years. Countries supply Sweden, Germany, Austria, Belgium and others.