In Indonesia, the death toll due to floods has risen to 36 people

The death toll from flash floods and landslides in the Indonesian province of South Sulawesi has grown to 36 people, more than 3 thousand people were forced to leave their homes, Xinhua news Agency reported, citing a representative of the national office for the elimination of consequences of natural disasters of Raditya Jati (Jati Raditya).

Besides, 16 people still unaccounted for. Was also seriously damaged homes and infrastructure.

According to him, 359 rescuers involved in the operation. Because the strong streams with mud and sand flooded more than 4 thousand houses, 3 thousand inhabitants had taken refuge at several points.

Flash flooding also struck the nearly 13-kilometer road, nine bridges, nine and 13 religious school buildings, eight office buildings, two public houses and a market complex.

The access to affected areas flooded with mud and logs that slowed the movement of rescue and distribution of relief.