The expert explained how to expose telephone scams

If you recognized in a telephone conversation with a stranger of the scammer, you should definitely tell him that you solved it, and also threaten to contact the police. Otherwise, the number of such calls on behalf of other organizations to your number will increase, said the Agency "Prime" Director General of ANO "Digital platform" Arseny Weltzin.

Often the scammers offer on behalf of the Bank, a government Agency or a partner organization to update your information: payment, personal, theme.

To determine that there is a cheater, and that is not just poor communication on the part of the Agency or company or state-owned companies, in a simple way – to always question any non-standard forms of communication, advises Weltzin.

That is, if you are accustomed to transfer money via mobile app, and you receive a call from unknown number, better expose question the call, ask for clarification of your data in detail as possible.