In the U.S., the Senator said that the documents show the falsity of the dossier in trump

U.S. Senator, Republican Lindsey Graham, said that declassified documents show the falsity of the incriminating dossier on President Donald trump.

Graham, a close ally of trump recalled in a press release that the dossier was an important document that would justify a court order for surveillance of an American citizen, the then Advisor to the headquarters of the trump Carter page.

The Senate Committee has unveiled a 57-page outline of the three-day interview with an unnamed FBI source file. Also was declassified comments former agent of FBI counterintelligence Peter Straka, which is the headquarters of the tramp was suspected of deliberate sabotage of the investigation and political persecution.

Dossier made in 2016 Christopher Steele — a former employee of British intelligence who by request of political opponents of the trump prepared it compromising dossier for the Washington-based company, Fusion GPS. Dossier in the press after the 2016 election.

The report argues that Russia has dirt on trump. US intelligence agencies, which at that time was still led by appointees of Barack Obama did not confirm nor deny the contents of the dossier and the sebaceous the details in which it abounded. The trump called the dossier a fake, and the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov called dossier of newspaper "duck".

The FBI in 2016-17 when the President-Democrat Obama led the investigation against trump. Investigators tried to find out whether the then candidate for the presidency in cahoots with the Russian authorities to win the election. Later, this same issue was investigated by the independent spectracolor Robert Mueller, who in the spring of 2019 come to the conclusion that the evidence of such a conspiracy no. Russia and trump categorically denied the allegations, the President of the United States considers them politically motivated.