Completing the self-nomination at elections in the state Duma in single-mandate constituencies

Saturday - last day for nomination of candidates for the by-election of deputies of the state Duma in single-seat constituencies, it follows from the calendar plan of CEC.

Additional elections of deputies of the state Duma in single-mandate constituencies will be held in a single voting day in Kursk, Yaroslavl and Penza regions, and in Tatarstan.

As follows from the document, the citizens, possessing a passive electoral right may nominate its candidate in single-mandate constituency in the manner of self-promotion from 24 June until 24 hours 18 July 2020.

Also no later than 24 hours July 18 self-nominated candidates in single-mandate electoral districts shall submit to the appropriate district election Commission notices self-promotion and the attached documents.

Political parties are entitled to nominate their candidates in single-mandate electoral districts at a Congress or meeting of its governing body from June 24 to July 18, 2020.

According to the schedule, to submit to the CEC for the approval of the list of candidates in single-mandate election districts on paper and in machine-readable form, and attached documents of the party must, not later than 24 hours 19 Jul 2020. Then, the CEC will be seven days on a certification list of candidates and issue the authorized representative of the political party copies of the certified list or denial of certification of the results list with a copy of the relevant reasoned decision.

Earlier, the CEC approved a list of 13 political parties for the nomination of the candidate is not required to collect signatures of voters in support of it.