The authorities in new York said about the immunity from COVID-19, 20% of residents

About 20% of the population of the city of new York in the United States are immune from the new coronavirus, reported RIA Novosti Director of public information of the state Department of health new York John Bruno.

"According to recent research seroprevalences conducted by the Department of health of new York state, antibodies are present in approximately 20% of the population (town), new York city, but the figures vary depending on place of residence", - the statement says Bruno.

He noted that discussing herd immunity is premature, since still under consideration, which means the presence of antibodies against COVID-19 for the person and for how long people will have such immunity.

"We don't know when a certain level of immunity in one community becomes herd immunity", - said Bruno.

New York became the center of an epidemic of coronavirus in the United States. In the worst days here per day died more than 700 people, more than 3 million came to the hospital. In total, the city of new York from the coronavirus, according to the latest data, died 18 758 people, about 4.6 thousand deaths require further testing. According to recent reports contracted in only 217 562 people.

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