Biden opposed the opening of schools in the United States

The candidate of the Democrats for President of the USA Joe Biden announced Friday a plan to open schools, making it clear that this country is not yet ready.

For the opening of schools need to flash the coronavirus was under control, testing was extended universally, and contact tracing of cases was carried out on a regular basis, reads the statement of the headquarters of Biden. In addition, Biden proposed to develop a common Federal guidance on opening of schools — now every state and even County can have its own rules on this subject.

"If I'm elected President, our students and teachers get all the tools and resources they need to succeed," - said in this regard, Biden.

He also promised to fight a newly emerging inequality in education, when children from more affluent families have more electronic devices, and opportunities to engage on the Internet than the children of the poor and ethnic-racial minorities.

The American States are trying to solve the problem of the resumption of classes amid a sharp increase in incidents of coronavirus. According to estimates by the New York Times on Thursday in the country registered a record 75 thousand cases COVID-19.

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