The US imposed sanctions against Chinese companies for supply of drugs

The U.S. Treasury Department imposed sanctions against four Chinese citizens and one company for unlawful delivery of a synthetic narcotic fentanyl, said the Agency on Friday.

Got under the sanction of the people of China, as reported by the Ministry of Finance, linked to the group Zheng DTO, which is already under us sanctions. Included in the sanctions of the face, according to the U.S. office, "helped led by the Zheng Zheng Fazzina DTO in receiving payment for the fentanyl analogs and other prohibited substances, including synthetic cannabinoids and cathinone".

According to the U.S. Treasury, the group produces and supplies hundreds of prohibited drugs, including fentanyl analogs, the profits from illegal distribution of drugs is laundered through accounts at Chinese banks, as well as using cryptocurrency.

Sanctions are also imposed in respect of the company Global United Biotechnology Inc., which, according to the United States, also owned and operated by the Zheng DTO. As reported in connection with the sanctions the US state Department, the sanctions have also been imposed against a Chinese company Wuhan Livika Technology Co. Ltd.

Earlier in 2018 in the United States court has indicted Zheng fazzino for the delivery of synthetic drugs in the United States and in more than twenty countries. In the American media, he earned the nickname "Chinese narkobaron" and, according to the Ministry of the Treasury, is now in China.