The Ministry has noted the slowdown in the growth of unemployment

The situation in the labour market remains difficult, but the increase in unemployment is slowing and the recovery in consumer demand will lead to the recovery of real incomes of the population, reported the press service of the Ministry reported.

Unemployment in Russia in June rose to 6.2% from 6.1% in may, the number of official unemployed persons was 2.8 million, follows from the data of the operational report of Rosstat.

"The situation on the labour market remains difficult. According to Rosstat, in June the unemployment rate was 6.2%. The growth rate of unemployment decrease. If in April the figure rose by 1.1 percentage point in may and by 0.3 percentage points in June – 0.1 percentage points," the Ministry noted.

Citizens left without work, actively apply to employment centers for assistance with job search and benefit noted in the Ministry of labor. If at the beginning of the year only one in five unemployed were officially registered as unemployed, now supported by the state, about 60% of citizens.

A simplified procedure attracted to the centers of employment of Russians who have not worked for a long time, said the press service. The growth in the number of individuals who apply to employment centers for registration as unemployed, also slowed down, drew the attention of the Ministry.

Now unemployed was 3 million people. During the third quarter, the growth rate of the number of unemployed will continue to decline, and in the beginning of the fourth quarter, the situation will begin to stabilize, predict in the Ministry.

Analysis of the research Institute of labour shows a gradual recovery of demand for specialists who remained without work during a pandemic, an additional positive signal for the labor market is the fact that employers gradually return the wage level pre-crisis.

"The improvement in the labour market and recovery in consumer demand will lead to gradually restore the level of real monetary incomes of the population", - said in the Ministry of labor.