Nails Mare and the virtual world: what the cartoons created by the children

How to protect children from the negative influence of the Internet and whether you want to do – a question almost every parent. On the way to direct the kids ' interest in gadgets in creative direction told the organizer of competition "Kultprom-2020" Maxim Zabelin.

He argues: "failed to prevent – headed"! The best approach, in his opinion, is to captivate the child something educational and creative, rather than trying to extract from the network – it sooner or later there will delay. One of the useful online activities and is a competition in which children learn to create cartoons.

He recalled that a cartoon is the product of hard work and typical solutions that offer many entertainment programs will not benefit children.

"The competition's goal is that children and youth have learned to make history with their hands and spent their time on what they themselves bring satisfaction," – added Maxim Zabelin.

The event is educational in nature and is aimed at development of creative potential, expanding the boundaries of imagination.

The organizers have partnered with the animation Studio and all design offices, thus developing the scientific and technical animation. But there are important and other criteria: assessment of the impact of cartoons and the process of their creation with the help of gadgets on the child's psyche. Psychologist Galina Sakova explained that to limit the kids lessons, and online lectures are useless: they will still find a way to get into the entertainment part of the virtual world, especially in the preteen age is 10 years and older.

"They are interested in shooting, as they do at this age become more aggressive. And here we can positively affect the psyche, proposing a creative alternative in the form of popular scientific animation and at the same time, perhaps, to help in vocational guidance," confirmed the psychologist, the opinion of the organizers of the "Multnoma".

She made emphasis on the fact that most modern games consist of many levels and virtually endless. If a teenager is interested in them, he loses the desire to the impact of their actions.

It is the performance and maintenance of ready-made solutions promoting the contest organizers for kids and adults.

After seeing more than 100 competition entries, the jury drew attention to the authors from the Saratov school. Children 6-12 years drew a story about the engineer Yakhimovich, who invented building with panel heating. Little known, because these buildings there are only two in Russia. The radiant heating system invented by engineer and was later patented and was widely used in Germany and in the homeland did not stick – built only about 100 houses. The cartoon shows how the steam heating plant in the walls of the entire house and evenly warmed him – about the same working design of Underfloor heating.

Surprised the masters of animation and Bashkir cartoon: guys showed the process of brewing koumiss – the national drink – and told of his importance in the history of an entire people.

Among the works submitted to "Multirom", there are German-Russian cartoon, created two children's studios, with subtitles. Part of the work was in Novorossiysk, and the other part in Berlin. Videos created by the children, about the dangers of the virtual world.

Children's center in Balashikha, deciding to participate in the contest "Altfrom", taught players to create animation on a tablet – about the power, about space, about the structure of the trains. By the end of summer from these kids in the competition are waiting for their first animation.

Involved and very small guys, five six years, which already draw interesting stories about environmental issues, about the future of the world. So they share their fantasies, which will eventually become a reality, if humanity does not forget how to dream.

For example, one of the authors made a cartoon about the tiger that fights left in the environment with plastic bags and rubbish.

"The cartoon is not easy to draw even on the computer. Phone and tablet to help speed up the process of creating characters. But you still have to draw backgrounds, animate characters, overlay audio track. Often, priority is put the video track, and this is wrong, as sound is also important, so that the product of the work was high quality," shared Maxim Zabelin.

He said that in the process of creating a scientific-popular film kids can get involved in animation and to subsequently become animators, artists, editors and Directors. The contest "Soyuzmultfilm" will invite young professionals from among the laureates of the internship and for children on the tour.

Absolutely unique member of the "Multiprima-2020" was 30-year-old girl with cerebral palsy, whose arms won't work. Earlier in the festival "From the screw" it presented its own development – joystick "Dream" for disabled people, which has no analogues in Russia. The organizers of the two competitions help her in the search for investors. Using the Joystick MECHTA Tatyana Chursina generated cartoon for the contest. The painting "Hope" tells about the first Russian circumnavigation by Ivan Kruzenshtern, the tall ship "Nadezhda". A lyrical historical romance, based on real events, demonstrates not only the adventures of the Explorer, but aspects of personal relationships, the love of the captain and his wife waiting for her husband.

She is now seeking funding for the creation of the author of the film "the Tale Guzel – live the life!" based on the book written by eight-year-old girl with broken arms in a wheelchair. Tatyana Chursina continues to create touching stories and gives hope for creative self-realization of people with a similar problem.

This year the organizers and participants of the task is to make a feature-length cut of the trends in scientific and technical animations. The main part of the competition is more Mature authors, professionals who want to present their ideas or development.

"The problem faced by the Russian techies is that they create amazing projects, but are unable to talk about them. One of the tasks of the competition "Multirom" is to give the opportunity for young engineers to show presentation about the unique plants in the form of animation cinema", – said Maxim Zabelin.

Sending applications for the contest, the youth tends to display creative skills in scientific and technical areas of aviation and shipbuilding, to show your ideas and concepts. Among the interesting works was broken the right word? platform for auto diagnostic, processing plant batteries, new VR glasses.

Another cartoon tells how to make nails. The familiar and simple object of daily life, it turns out, requires a precise technology associated with the etching of some elements of acid. Author Anna Kapustina showed this interesting and accessible for people of all ages: cartoon took its course one of the educational museums of Moscow.

Some competition films talk about intellectual property, which is directly related to the industry.