At auction in London has put the old set for protection from vampires

At auction in London specializing in the sale of antique items, put a set of the XIX-th century, designed to kill vampires, according to SyfyWire.

According to the publication, most likely, this item was created for those who truly believed in the existence of blood-sucking monsters. Still in the nineteenth century, stories about vampires have become part of the culture, once in 1819 was published the short story "the Vampire" by English writer John Polidori, and then, in 1897, came the legendary novel "Dracula" by Bram Stoker.

Everything you need for vampire-killing objects, the manufacturers put in a wooden box. There is: the icon with the image of Christ, prayer, the figure of the wolf ivory pocket pistol, a vial of blue glass (contents unknown), three bottles of transparent glass, rosaries, crucifixes, pliers and a pocket knife and a silver blade. Garlic, apparently, you have to buy separately.

The preliminary cost of the lot is from 2.5 thousand to 3.7 thousand dollars. Bidding will take place until 21 July.