Soon? As Turkey is getting ready to welcome Russian tourists

Restore flights to Turkey expect from day to day. That flights resume, they even announced, but the information is not yet confirmed. About how the country lives in anticipation of tourists, what were the beaches and the buffet did not increase do vouchers — in the material RIA Novosti.

"Users immediately responded to the news about the resumption of flights, appeared last week, — tells PR-the Director of metapoiskovikom of tickets Janis ticket. — Tickets to Turkey began to look for four times more often than before". Tourists interested in flights to Istanbul, Antalya, Dalaman, Izmir and Bodrum.

But the tickets have not yet sold, says the head of the press service of the online booking service Gregory meadow.

Indeed, the transport Ministry has not yet notified the airline about the restoration of air links.

"Now we are at the beginning of the negotiation process, determined by the regulations, taking into account the principle of reciprocity and epidemiological situation in the country", — said Vice-President of the Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR) Dmitry Gorin.

Only after that the airlines will get the slots, agree on all issues with the aviation authorities of both countries and open a ticket. It usually takes one to three weeks, but in this case the timing can be reduced.

Another important point is that adjustments to the documents of the Federal air transport Agency, temporarily restricting air traffic until 1 August. At the moment the borders are open only for those who are sent abroad to study, work, treatment or family reunification.

Turkey already receives tourists from three dozen countries, including the UK, Germany, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan. Arrive and the Russians — through Minsk.

"Started group tours, including boat," adds the photographer by Anna Kharitonova, living in Alanya. Cafes, restaurants, discos and hookah — yet.

Open hotels, small urban, and large in the suburbs. In each — pools, animation. The main innovation concerns the rules of a buffet.

In supermarkets and shopping malls need a mask. "Not all stores are available almost everywhere the fitting room and at the entrance to measure the temperature," — said Bulgakov Eustace. In each outlet — sanitizer for hands.

For disinfection local actively use the "Colony" is a popular Cologne. They wipe everything and everywhere, said Anna Kharitonova.

On the beaches is nothing new. "Frightening intention to limit the number who wish to enter spectated and be required to wear masks never implemented, says Eustace Bulgakov. — Although the people themselves are trying to keep your distance".

According to ATOR, this year stay in many hotels in Turkey have risen by about ten percent. Hotels have been certified and obtained the special guarantee of safety. The price increase is due to the change in the exchange rate.

And even the more expensive boutique hotels where you would normally rest local: the lakes, in the small resort towns, said Eustace Bulgakov.

Experts note the change of the price tag restaurants and cafes. On the coast — about half, said Nikita Korolev. For example, the tea cost two or three liras, and now to five.