The media spoke about the fraud of the founder of the "White helmets"

Founder of non-profit Mayday Rescue organizations, engaged in financing the Syrian White helmets, James Le Mesure before his death, acknowledged the misuse of the money of the sponsors and offered to resign, according to the newspaper Volkskrant, citing a letter seen by the newspaper.

Le Mesure was found dead November 11, 2019 neighbors in the garden of a house in Istanbul, where he lived. The Istanbul Prosecutor's office closed the criminal case on his death.

According to the newspaper, three days before his death in a letter to the countries-sponsors of Le Mesure confessed to the fraud. Financial fraud was uncovered in November of last year, when a Dutch expert on financial reporting called for a Mayday Rescue office in Istanbul. He found a fake receipt, the purpose of which was to conceal the loss of 50 thousand dollars. Le Mesure acknowledged that the organization has appropriated the money intended for "White helmets".

After the death of Le Mesure donor countries, among which are among others the Netherlands, Germany and the UK, examined the statements and found no indication of embezzlement. Thus, according to the newspaper, to check out some large transactions impossible. The fraud, which he said Le Mesure was the result of "misunderstandings," concludes the investigation, which is not publicly reported. European countries have stopped the subsidies, the organization will stop work for several months.

Accounting firm SMK found a number of problems in November. So, Mayday Rescue was not purely a non-profit organization and had commercial offices in Turkey and Dubai. In some cases, the salary of heads of organizations could reach 26 million euros in the month and bonuses in addition.

"White helmets", who still act on the territory of Syria, said that now receive funding through other organizations.

Organization "White helmets", which received wide recognition and support in the West, declared as its goal the salvation of the civilian population in combat zones, but accused the Syrian authorities of having links with extremists and conducting hostile propaganda activities.

The Russian foreign Ministry called the operation "White helmets" part of the information campaign to demonize the Syrian authorities and, in particular, laid upon them the responsibility for the provocation that gave rise to the West to accuse Damascus of applying chemical weapons and to strike blows to objects of the government troops.