Nikolay Baskov became the goodwill Ambassador of Abkhazia

Russian singer Nikolay Baskov has joined the movement of new "goodwill Ambassadors of Abkhazia" and will give a charity concert to help children from large families of the Republic, this is the actor said in his video message during the press conference held on Friday at Sputnik Abkhazia.

The first part of the movement was established in the year 2017. Among its members were Russian and Abkhaz actors, Directors, athletes, politicians and public figures.

"This year, as a friend of Abkhazia, I will hold a charity concert, the purpose of which is assistance to large families of the Republic", - said the singer.

In the new "goodwill Ambassadors of Abkhazia" consisted of 20 members - ten from the Abkhaz side and the same from the Russian. The movement is involved in humanitarian projects in health, education and sport.