"VKontakte" teaches algorithms to recognize obscene gestures in the "Clips"

The largest Russian social network "Vkontakte" (VK) is conducting an experiment on the learning algorithms of the service of making a video to recognize obscene gestures, the report said the VC.

"VKontakte" at the beginning of June launched the service of making a video with a duration up to 1 minute to do that (enable recording or viewing) with gestures. In the first stage, the system allows to analyze more than 10 gestures, with which you can start recording, stop it, start or stop watching a video, include different effects or interactivity with the audience.

"VKontakte" teaches algorithms to recognize obscene gestures in the "Clips". Testing takes place in the experiment: the team of the platform suggests that this solution will make watching movies more comfortable for spectators, and also will help not to face the negative", - stated in the message.

It is planned that the system will be able to notice in the trailers rude gestures, and then to blur them or to close the black rectangle. A new feature based on the technology of gesture recognition, allowing users to control the exposure of the video movement of hands.

The report also States that during the first month of the "Clips" has collected 3 billion views. The average daily clips collected 183 million hits, 6.5 million Likes and 108 thousand comments.