The expert assessed the results of Russian-French consultations

The Russian-French consultations in the format "2 2" gives hope for the restoration of dialogue and the overcoming of the misunderstandings between Russia and the EU, France as one of the leading political forces of the European Union with the Foundation of traditional historical ties with Russia, trying to contribute to it, said RIA Novosti leading researcher of the Institute of Europe, Russian Academy of Sciences, candidate of political Sciences Sergei Fedorov.

Thursday in Paris was held a Russian-French consultations on strategic stability in the format "2 2". The Russian side was represented by the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Ryabkov and Grushko Alexander Deputy head of the defense Ministry Alexander Fomin. As reported, the Russian foreign Ministry following the meeting, the sides discussed the issues of European and global security, strategic stability, and current issues of non-proliferation and arms control, the prevention of an arms race in space, the relations Russia–EU and Russia–NATO. The French foreign Ministry, in turn, informed that the consultations were discussed military and political aspects of regional and international crises, including the situation in Iran, Libya, Syria and the consequences of a pandemic coronavirus.

"The fact that after a long pause resumed the consultations, where the parties discuss important military, strategic issues is a positive thing, because, despite the differences that we have with France and the EU, it is important to restore some minimal level of trust between the parties. France as one of the key EU countries, especially after the withdrawal of Britain, and the country, which is part of the nuclear club, which is a permanent member of the UN security Council, the country possessing the largest military capabilities, as the leading political force tries to restore the dialogue, based on the Foundation of historical and traditional Russian-French relations", - said Fedorov.

He noted that France does not dictate the EU agenda, as there is still Poland and the Baltic States, which have opposite views on many issues, including Russia. Overall, however, according to the analyst, partners in the EU understand the need to restore dialogue with Moscow on European security issues.

"France from the time (Charles - ed.), de Gaulle is pursuing an independent policy. She can't dictate the international agenda and to speak at the United States and China, in this respect, it uses the EU as leverage increase its effect, but nevertheless seeks to strengthen the independence of Europe militarily and politically. (The President of France, Emmanuel ed.), the Makron also follows in the footsteps of de Gaulle", - said Fedorov.

According to him, the breakthroughs in the consultation was not, however, an important possibility of Moscow and Paris to exchange views, find common ground, to bring closer the positions, to restore a minimal level of trust.

"I think it's a very positive thing, it gives some hope that will be a dialogue and there will be more understanding where we can find a compromise", - said the Agency interlocutor.