The Japanese authorities do not consider it necessary to renew the state of emergency on coronavirus

The government of Japan sees no need to re-enter a state of emergency, despite the increase in the number of infections coronavirus infection, said Friday the Secretary General of Japanese Cabinet of Ministers of Yoshihide Suga.

"Despite the increase in the number of hospitalized, only seven people are in serious condition, so the health system is complex. In this regard, we believe that the current situation does not require immediate introduction of a state of emergency", - he stressed.

Suga explained that "the increase in the number of infections is associated with increased testing among workers in the entertainment industry, including clubs and pubs". The Secretary General also said that "in 80% of cases the virus has been confirmed in people younger than 39 years."

On Friday in Tokyo set a new "record" for the number of people infected with coronavirus: a day in the Japanese capital, the virus was confirmed at 293 people. Across the country on Friday identified 505 cases of infection. Died 998, recovered 19 of 755 people.

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